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FIC fair 2017 Shanghai

Mar 21, 2017

Dezhou Huiyang Bio-technology Co., Ltd. Booth No .: 6.1L50

 The 21st China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition and the 27th National Exhibition on the Application of Food Additives (FIC2017) will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from 24th of Mar.2017 to 26 of Mar.2017. This is Asia's largest and most internationalized, most authoritative food additives and ingredients industry professional brand exhibition, is at home and abroad food additives and ingredients industry in the product and technology, research and innovation, market and development areas such as indispensable Of the international exchange and procurement platform, is also the annual top industry event and the most cohesive international brand exhibition.

Such a grand event, Dezhou Huiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is well-known enterprises in the industry, how can not actively participate in it? And our booth this year is still a special equipment, the location is excellent! Do not forget our booth number (6.1L50), we will carefully offer you a wide variety of products, including corn starch, modified starch (cationic starch, oxidized starch, etc.), sodium gluconate, etc. The Branch Dezhou Huiyang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is also listed in this exhibition, the goods listed mainly gluconate lactone, trehalose and so on. Details can come to my booth to understand the company, to answer, professional services, Fu Yang biological sincerely welcome your arrival.

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