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Gluconolactone properties and usage

Aug. 05,2019

Gluconolactone chemical properties 

White crystal or powder, odorless, sweet and bitter, the sour taste. Melting point of 150 ~ 152 ℃, and then decompose. Slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in water, insoluble in ether. Hydrolysis in aqueous solution, glucose solution becomes acid, and the balance of the lactone. 


Gluconolactone uses 

Is applied as a stabilizer and coagulants can be used for soy sausage, surimi products and grape juice; used as a preservative effect on fish; may be used as bulking agent for fermentation. Tofu made with tofu coagulant, texture behaved, tender and delicious, and can extend the storage time. For the milk industry to prevent the generation of milk stone, stone beer brewing industry as a preventive agent, Games, tartar cleaning agents in toothpaste, but can also be applied to meat safety, metal surface treatment.

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